Okeechobee – Porter Robinson (LIVE)

“Porter Robinson should always be live,” says the man, I’m about to marry.

It’s been two years since I last saw Porter and boy does it feel good to be back. The amazing talent that is Porter Robinson lays in the mystery behind his music. It feels like every genre and none all at the same time. Whimsical, dream-like melodies over booming bass leave a crowd in awe. Along with an anime style  video narrated by the all so familiar female voice from Porter tracks (“Fellow Feeling,”Sad Machine”). Porter Robinson LIVE was not only eye candy, but soul food.

I was fortunate enough to stand by a group of fellow Porter fanatics. Most people saying that they saw him playing with Madeon during their 2016 Shelter tour and the “couldn’t wait to see him solo!” It felt great to be at a Porter show with thousands of other people stoked for a Porter show. You can hear some of these porter fans in my video…. it might be my favorite part. 😉

Anyways, Porter Robinson is the much needed change of pace in the Electronic Music Scene we all have been waiting for. Electronic music is music that knows no limits. Electronic instruments give musicians endless control. You don’t go to a Porter Robinson show and hear the same 10 edm-pop tracks mixed with drops that we all know too well. It’s 100% a Porter Robinson curated experience. Porter Robinson (LIVE) is an extra fun twist on the whole idea of electronic music. In the video, you see Porter up on the stage banging a drum kit as the loud booming bass blasts over a see of gaping faces.

Thank you, Porter Robinson, for another great set!

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