Weekly Jam. 3.28

Bipolar – Ray Volpe

Not just music producer, but vocalist, Ray Volpe shows off his skills on the title track off his 2016 EP – Bipolar. You may have seen him recently during his guest appearance at Ultra in Miami with Getter , or B2B with Slushii and Virtual Riot or maybe even at the Buygore Trippy Burger party during Miami music week. If you were lucky enough to catch one of these appearances, you know Ray Volpe is someone to be looking out for.

If there is a show in your area, go. Seriously. You wont be able to stand so close to him at a set, soon.

Check out his website HERE

Weekly Jam. 3.17

Better – Mija

Mija, Mija, Mija! This catchy song has been blasting through my headphones for months… maybe even a year. Mija combines the punk rock attitude of her Fck a Genre tour with the fantasy feelings of her Mermaid Squad to create a vibe like no other. Mija is currently spreading that unique vibe on tour in Australia. Not to fret though, she is coming back to the states for Deadbeats Goes off the Deep End event in Miami, March 23rd. She’s slotted to B2B with Ghastly and, yet to be revealed 3rd person. You can also catch Mija hosting her own Glitter Ball at House of Yes in Brooklyn, NY, April 27th. Guests are encouraged to dress to match the glitter ball. Be sure to keep your eyes open for this queen this summer! Check out her tour dates here!

Weekly Jam.

Charlie Boy – The Lumineers

The Lumineers blew me away with this song during their performance at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival this past weekend. Wesley Shultz, lead vocals/guitar, opened this song with a story about Charlie. Charlie was so inspired by the words spoken by the President of the time, Kennedy, that he put his life on hold to join the war effort. Wesley then gracefully pointed out that the words spoken by leaders anywhere are more influential than we may think.

Cheers to that!